Monday, December 12, 2005


Welcome Hip Hop Fans from all over the world to the BLOG of MPK.

As you might know, MPK is the offspring of a Pro-Act project of students of "EUROMED MARSEILLE- School of Management" dedicated to represent international intercultural exchange by the means of music and especially Hip Hop.

This forum is meant to get in touch with anyone interested to express his opinions, points of views, to give us suggestions, inspire us, to confront and to just say "hi" to us and our Hip Hop community. Hip Hop has always been essentially an open minded, colourful community of artistic and creative people, a melting pot of different races, different philosophies and even different art-forms, out of which music is only one. Breakdancing, Graffitti and DJing are the three well-known main branches that emerged out of the dark history of what was a "music for the street" in the beginning. Right now Hip Hop has become a trendy mass-phenomenon which is not very far away from the usual every day pop-music. We are very sad to remark that this trend is harming the original idea of freedom of expression. The indivualization of a dedicated ambitious and sometimes rebellious subculture and the creation of a forum for artists is the remedy we are contributing. Maybe like this we can get back to the god ol’ days… now the Hip Hop family has a new member: MPK....


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